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Undergrad v. Grad

So, what are the differences between undergrad and grad school?

As New College students we have an edge on grad school. New College is set up more like a grad program than like an undergrad program, so the transition into grad school should be a smooth one.

The graduate school resource website Idealist lists the main differences as:

Age and experience

Area of study is more focused

Greater autonomy and less rigid structure

Campus life (or lack thereof)

That doesn’t mean grad school will be a piece of cake, though. Graduate students are held to a higher standard than undergrads. Grad students are expected to have better research skills, applied knowledge, and stronger critical thinking abilities. Graduate students should also already have the relevant work experiences which is necessary for further exploration for research and classroom discussion.

“A Master of Science in Social Work was imperative for becoming licensed and opening my own counseling practice. I did it!” Rebecca P., MSW, LPC, Texas State University ‘10

Grad students are expected to work independently, perform extensive research, and produce high quality results. Just as New College students must complete a Capstone project, grad students must complete an in-depth study of a topic and enter into an extended research project sponsored by a faculty member. Think Capstone on steroids! The primary means of evaluation for graduation is a research project or thesis, judged by a faculty committee.

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