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Paying it Back

15600331360_12329af38c_zPublic Service Loan Forgiveness
PSFL (Public Service Loan Forgiveness) is for individuals who are working full time in a public service position. The remaining balance of their Direct Loans will be forgiven after making 120 payments after October 1, 2007. Click here for frequently asked questions about PSFL and saving money.

Federal Student Loan Debt Consolidation Programs Include:
These programs are offered by the Department of Education (DOE) to allow students to consolidate all their federal student loans into a single loan and one easy payment. They are designed to fit the needs of students who are struggling to pay the student loans every month. Monthly payments are consolidated and calculated into one payment based on income and family size. The lower the income a student makes the lower a payment will be. The programs available are:

  •    The Standard Repayment Program
  •    The Graduate
  •    Repayment Program
  •    The Income Contingent Program
  •    The Income Based Repayment Program


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