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First Things First

Congratulations on your decision to pursue adult education at St. Edward’s University. There are
many people who have paved the way and many more will follow in your footsteps. People who have
been in your shoes are sharing the top 5 things you should know to insure your success. As a New
College student you may have some questions or concerns. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter
to keep the advice coming. Also Check out the student only Facebook group.

Top 5 things you should know

  1. Talk to people in your classes, get to know them.  Some of the best advice comes from fellow students.
  2. Shop for your books online at Amazon or Chegg – they’re less expensive
  3. If you’re parking on campus in the evening or on the weekends, you don’t need a permit. During regular school hours, there are a variety of neighborhoods and office parks that you can park your car in for free and walk.
  4. There are facilities on campus that are open every day.  Take advantage and use the gym or cafeteria before or after class.
  5. Stay close to your advisers and professors.  Returning to university can be complicated and they are there to help.

Top 5 things to know about New College classes and professors

  1. Most classes have less than 20 students in them.
  2. If you miss a class, communicate with the professor.
  3. Deadlines are important.
  4. Learn about Canvas right away.
  5. The professors want you to succeed.

Check out the New College YouTube Channel!

St. Edwards Mascot is the the Hilltopper, don’t be afraid to show school pride.

SEU Fight Songhc_mascot

March On: SEU
Brother Gerald Muller, CSC
March on and win for SEU.
March on with joy and pride!
March on and win the victory,
We’re cheering at your side.
March on and win for SEU.
Hilltoppers all are we!
March on for good ol’ SEU
And bring home the victory.
this is a placeholder
Forever SEU — St. Edward’s University
Words and Music by Brother Edwin Reggio, CSC
Atop the hill our Alma Mater
Symbol to all
Of truth and wisdom, faith and honor,
Proudly, she stands tall.
Saint Edward’s blue and gold
Gaze and behold …
Our Alma Mater, hail to thee
Forever S-E-U.

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