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15657121820_eed3cf1616_kSt. Edward’s requires students to submit numerous written assignments. Students returning to school after many years in the workforce can struggle with the pressure to write academically. There are many assets available to you for assistance with constructing your papers.

Writing Center

Located on the second floor of the Munday Library, the Writing Center offers (by appointment, on the Munday Library website) assistance writing, editing, citing, and trimming essays and longer projects like one’s Capstone paper. Visiting the writing center for assistance is strongly encouraged.

St. Edwards Writing Skill Assistance
St. Edward’s University has a service reserved for graduate and New College students called the Online Writing Lab (OWL) that guides students through all stages of the writing process. Here are the three primary services they provide, all free of charge for St. Ed’s students.

  • Paper Review
    Send the OWL your paper via our online submission form, and within 48 to 72 hours they will return your draft with comments, questions, and suggestions.
  • Writing Q&A
    Have a brief, specific question about writing, grammar, style, or documentation? Email the OWL for a response within 24 to 48* hours.
  • Presentations and Resources
    OWL instructors are available to make in-class presentations on writing topics, and all of our online writing resources are available for student and faculty use. Ask your professor if you think your class would benefit from a visit.

There are also extensive online resources for writing assistance.

15599363329_cc0fdcebe3_bOther Online Writing Assistance
It’s really no surprise at all that learning and developing writing skills can be accomplished with sources readily available online.

To brush up on the real basics for essential writing skills, check out online teacher Adam on

A few of the more important lessons.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab contains instructions on all manner of writing: research, job search, subject-specific, journal, creative, grammar rules and tips, as well as work cited and in-source work citationIt also has a Youtube channel.

Khan Academy offers a variety of information about a wide range of subjects. Most of the teaching is performed with video demonstrations that detail the topic in high clarity. provides memberships that allow you to buy extensive educational seminars for as little as $12. Check out the The Great Courses  for depth (12-24 hours) and the A Very Short Introduction series for cliff notes-style learning (3-6 hours).

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