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Achieving a15599698618_e2761279e7_bn advanced degree can open up even greater employment opportunities, offer financial rewards, add to your credibility, and benefit your personal growth.

Some things to consider are whether the industry you plan to work in really values education. Or do they value experience over education? If you strive for an executive-level position within a company, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) would be beneficial. If you are a graphic designer for a local design company, you might find that the company values experience over education.

Also figure out how to pay for graduate school. Look for available grants and scholarships, or are you willing to take out even more student loans? Consider whether you want to continue with private education or move on to a state university, which may be more affordable.

You’ve made time to attend New College – can you make time for grad school, too?

Once you decide that graduate school is right for you, understanding the application requirements early will help you through a less stressful application process.

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