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Q. I’ve got an emergency. What should I do?

  • A. The campus police office is open 24/7 and they can always be reached at 512-448-8477.

Q. Where can I find a computer and printer at all hours?

Q. How do I know which classes I need to take for my major?

  • A. Stay in constant email contact with your New College advisor. You can find advisor contact information on the advising webpage.

Q. How can I avoid getting blindsided by prereqs for classes I wanted to take?

  • A. Talk to your advisor and scrub through your schedule to take the best classes in the best order, so that you graduate most efficiently.

Q. How’s parking.

  • A. Check out our parking page.

Q. Are there ways other than the classroom to receive course credit?

  • A. Definitely! Talk to your advisor about how to CLEP out of some classes. Here are other CLEP FAQs. There’s also the portfolio program where you receive credit for work experience.

Q. What is “portfolio.”

  • A. The portfolio program allows adult students to document college-level learning they have acquired through work experiences. There are a series of free workshops that New College students can take to learn how to create, document, and submit portfolios. The fee to submit a portfolio for review is only $75 per credit requested. About 25% of New College students earn up to 15 credit hours through this program – that’s 5 classes!

Q. Where can I grab a coffee of quick bite to eat right before class?

  • A. There are a few on-campus options. Also, there are plenty of options to hang out before class, including Ragsdale, the Library, the many Jo’s, the veranda outside Moody, and plenty of other places.

Q. Is the library open 24 hours?

Q. What should I do if I have to miss a class because of a last-minute work obligation?

  • A. Every professor has their own attendance requirements. Read your syllabus. Keep your professor aware of your goings-about.

Q. Once I graduate, can I get help finding a job?

  • A. Yes! St. Ed’s has a very active Career and Professional Development office. They offer career advising, resume help, free classes, and maintain an extensive list of available jobs on their Hilltop Careers section. You can find internships, part time jobs, entry-level or experienced full-time opportunities. There is even a long list of open jobs at St. Edward’s.

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